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Sauna Box turns an old shipping container into a self-contained steam room

A great use for a small modular shipping container by Canadian based designers, Castor. Being trapped inside a leaky shipping container on a hot day would probably give a fair approximation of being in a sauna, but thankfully Canadian-based design studio Castor provides something a … Read More


BOXPARK Shoreditch London Container Shops

Boxpark, a shopping centre built around the use of shipping containers, recently opened in Shoreditch, London UK. The project was completed in collaboration with street brand Boxfresh and designer Roger Wade. Each shop is compartmentalised within the shipping containers. For further information, check out: Boxpark. … Read More

Berlin Art Gallery Container Shop

Berlin Container Shop

This shop located inside a building in Berlin uses four shipping containers, painted white, fitted with glass walls and doors and ventilation system.


Phooey Architects Children’s Activity Centre

Phooey Architects turned abandoned shipping containers into an activity center for children in Melbourne, Australia. Phooey decided to stack the containers and to cut them in order to create a thoroughly durable and in keeping with the origins of the containers themselves. All materials used … Read More


Infiniski – Loft 120 Container Studio

Based in Chile, ‘sustainable architecture and construction’ agency, Infiniski have designed: Loft 120 modular studio/living space. Four 40ft containers have been used in this construction, providing 120m2 living space. The upper floors are fitted with additional surfaces to form a balcony. External wooden cladding has … Read More


Archi Home Container

Archi Home develops dwellings made from recycled shipping containers, stacked together or side by side. Techni Group, owner of the Archi Home brand, initially set up business whilst managing the building site and camp. Since 2008 they have expend their activities and now offer solutions … Read More


Art Basel: Art Position

Art Positions was an art exhibition held in shipping containers a stone's throw away from the Miami Beach Convention Center, showcasing the work of 20 young artists.

Shipping Container Shopping Mall New York

Shipping container shopping malls designed by Lot-Ek using a modular system for each shop unit.


Dining and Bar – Rosso

Rosso is a dining and bar place situated in Gunma, a city in the north of Tokyo. They used two 40 foot containers to make this restaurant. Rosso details (in Japanese): http://www.dan-b.com/rosso/


Melbourne Container Bar

Section 8 is raw, but that’s its charm. There’s really nothing to it – they cut out a hole in the side of a shipping container, added a bar top and some booze, stacked some wooden shipping palettes for seats, and dropped it all in … Read More


Subway Container at WTC

Shipping containers recycled as a mobile Subway restaurant at World Trade Center building site


Sports shop container

Here is a Shipping Container Sports Shop project in Uruguay. It’s a very high quality BizPod conversion using a 20 feet shipping container and using the doors as the customer entrance with large picture windows in the front to attract customers. This is absolutely one … Read More


Desalination Container

HOH-USA & Carib Ltd is an international manufacturing company of  containerized energy efficient  reverse osmosis seawater desalination  plants  with  individual unit capacities of more than 1,000m³/day depending on feed water salinity and feed water temperature. The Container Concept takes the expenses & mystery out of … Read More


Thus Greentainer is a vessel–a container in the real sense of the word–suitable for multiple uses and destinations, from a small company canteen to a trade show lounge bar, an exhibition room for travelling exhibits and a meeting room; it can be positioned in a … Read More



The Ecopods The single ecopod as designed provides excellent short term accommodation that has great benefits for standalone use as a secure remote cabin, product showroom or as an accessory building in conjunction with existing buildings for use as an extra Bedroom or Bunkie, Garden … Read More

Pop Up Club

Pop-Up Night Clubs

The “Night Spot”, is constructed from shipping containers capable of opening to three times its original size.

Vectron project

Container Light – Vektron

As a major manufacturer of lighting products, Kreon has been keen on participating in exhibitions as it is a way to enable a wide professional and international public to become acquainted with its products. Exhibitions are the ultimate tool for propagating the company philosophy: lighting … Read More

Container Surfing!

Container surfing... surfing is no longer confined to the coasts. This transportable wave machine allows surfers to catch a wave anywhere!


Container Home: l’Estaque Marseille First Visit

First trip to see the development of a container house at l'Estaque in Marseille.