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Container Art Studio

In Amagansett, MB Architecture designed and built an art studio. The client was an artist with a restricted budget of $60,00 and insisted on something that was close to home and a space that would be reflective and inviting for work working in.

The interior is painted white to mimic a blank canvas for new pieces with plenty of natural light beaming through the windows at either end. The exterior is a dark gray to give it a refined, sophisticated look. This also allows the containers to blend into it’s surroundings.

Nine foot walls are built into the ground to serve as foundations, creating a lower level that serves as the artists studio work area. Above ground two 40 foot containers (high-cube) sit on the concrete foundations to make a two story, double sided building. Inside the containers, 75% of the floor was removed to give way to lofty ceilings to allow the space to bathe in sunlight from the large windows.

[Source: CubeMe]