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MIRABEAU B Sales Center

METALAB is a company situated in Houston USA. METALAB applies expertise in digital design and fabrication with architecture, from concept through construction.

The MIRABEAU B SALES CENTER is a temporary structure installed on the site of a proposed LEED Certified, 14-unit Condominium to be built by a Green developer in Houston. It is built from a kit-of-parts composed of two recycled 20’ shipping containers and a series of digitally designed and fabricated components that provide solar racking, shading, signage and exterior decking. With a marketing and communications firm specializing in renewable energy, we developed the Sales Center to serve as visual promotion of the project, real estate agent’s office, material sample display and as a public interpretive center for sustainable architecture. The containers and their components are truly portable so the Center will be up-cycled after its job as a Sales Center is complete. Their role as prefab offices with integrated solar panels and minimal site impact will be carried forward beyond their initial purpose.
AIA Houston Design Award 2009 “Citation for Sustainability”

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