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Sauna Box turns an old shipping container into a self-contained steam room

A great use for a small modular shipping container by Canadian based designers, Castor. Being trapped inside a leaky shipping container on a hot day would probably give a fair approximation of being in a sauna, but thankfully Canadian-based design studio Castor provides something a … Read More


The Pod Manchester: small appartments by Jasper Saunders

Abito is a nine-storey appartment building. It consists of 256 micro pods, which host spacious balconies, fold-away double beds, flexible bathroom/utility spaces, fitted kitchens and views of Manchesters' sky line.


Green Container International Aid Shelters Housing

Green Container Mission: To provide emergency shelter and long-term planning strategies to displaced populations made homeless from global catastrophes (Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tsunamis, Volcano Eruptions and Floods).


Chalet du Chemin Brochu by Pierre Morency

Shipping containers used for a private residence in Quebec, Canada by Pierre Morency Architects.


Undulating Green Grass Roofing

Living under flora and fauna is ecologically sound


Infiniski – Loft 120 Container Studio

Based in Chile, ‘sustainable architecture and construction’ agency, Infiniski have designed: Loft 120 modular studio/living space. Four 40ft containers have been used in this construction, providing 120m2 living space. The upper floors are fitted with additional surfaces to form a balcony. External wooden cladding has … Read More


Archi Home Container

Archi Home develops dwellings made from recycled shipping containers, stacked together or side by side. Techni Group, owner of the Archi Home brand, initially set up business whilst managing the building site and camp. Since 2008 they have expend their activities and now offer solutions … Read More


Olgga Architects: Maison EvolutiV’ 1

Olgga Architects have designed and built an energy efficient (THPE 2005, H&E Profil A) residence ‘Maison evolutiV’) from two shipping containers offering 70 square metres (753 square feet) of space. The exterior walls are fitted with chesnut wood facades and a nice wood pile touch … Read More


Olgga Architects: 100% Recycled Student Container Housing

Olgga Architects have designed a 100% recycled 40ft shipping container complex for students in Le Havre, France.



Thus Greentainer is a vessel–a container in the real sense of the word–suitable for multiple uses and destinations, from a small company canteen to a trade show lounge bar, an exhibition room for travelling exhibits and a meeting room; it can be positioned in a … Read More


Conhouse by Jure Kotnik

Sky high prices of real estate in the contemporary world have stimulated the search for and development of alternative housing solutions. One such attempt is the ConHouse system of small-size housing container units, which takes the housing/office ISO container to the next evolutionary level.  As … Read More


Global Peace Container

Presentation Pictures on top show process of construction of a project realised in Jamaica by Global Peace Container (GPC) Global Peace Containers International has been established in an effort to create sustainable, low-cost alternatives to traditional construction methods. Their intention is to employ and train … Read More


Shipping Container Military Buildings

Made by DORCE (prefabricated building and construction industry trade) and based in Turkey, provide numerous uses for shipping containers in combat zones around the World for camp buildings and other facilities.  Projects have included prefabricated modular units and accommodation in Iraq and Afghanistan for the … Read More


Futur Shack House

A mass produced relocatable house for emergency and relief housing. Recycled shipping containers are used to form the main volume of the building. A parasol roof packs inside the container. When erected, the roof shades the container and reduces heat load on the building. Legs … Read More



The Ecopods The single ecopod as designed provides excellent short term accommodation that has great benefits for standalone use as a secure remote cabin, product showroom or as an accessory building in conjunction with existing buildings for use as an extra Bedroom or Bunkie, Garden … Read More


All Terrain Cabin (ATC)

All Terrain Cabin (ATC)- A functional Concept design, built but not for sale.


Haiti – Warehouse

The smart project come from an association in Haiti. In case of disaster that happened in Haiti, shipping containers were a good resource to rebuild temporary structures in a short periods of time. Consult blog Marc Boisvert, founder and director of Pwoje Espwa, aims to … Read More

IBU Concept

Housing Container – IBU Revolution

Intro LaMi Design (Lavardera Milano) based in Merchantville, New Jersey (USA) develop lots of new concepts of new modern dwellings. IBU Revolution is one of their new concepts. It is a dwelling made from shipping containers. At the level of concept for the timebeing there … Read More


Container Home: l’Estaque Marseille 2nd Visit

Container house in development at l'Estaque Marseille.