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Interview with La Presse Canada: ‘Containers in the spotlight’

INTRA+ recently gave an interview to La Presse Canada on the phenomenon of shipping container conversions for housing projects around the World.

(Article translated from French)

“After completing a project on the conversion of containers whilst studying on an international business and management for design masters, in Toulon, France, five graduates have decided to go further in that direction. Initially, they’ve studied the container conversion market World wide and published on their website. They are now looking for their first contract.”

The container is a dream object for a designer, said Mike Pinder, a member of the team of INTRA+ in France. It has a solid structure, but at the same time it offers great flexibility. Moreover, it is not expensive and as it is recycled, you get a tax credits.

— Mike Pinder

To read the full article by Danielle Bonneau (in French), visit La Presse Canada here.

View a Google translated version in English here.