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Pinkpop Festival 3FM On Stage made from Containers

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Shipping containers were recently used at the PINKPOP festival called the ‘3 On Stage’ arena in the Netherlands in order to make an intimate stage for artists to play in. There are only around 40 places for fans to watch a limited number of songs by a number of artists.

Containers are arranged in a square, each side providing viewing areas for the audience, sound and video crews; with an apex roof structure in the centre.

The Netherlands’ most famous open-air festival and Europe’s longest-running uninterrupted outdoor pop festival PINKPOP will take place for the 41st time in the city of Landgraaf, at the beautiful festival site MEGALAND, 134 miles south of Amsterdam.

(Article courtesy of Inge Brinkman in the Netherlands)

More information and video’s here:

[Via: http://www.nederland3.nl/special/pinkpop]
[Via: http://www.flickr.com/3fm]

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    Great! :D thanks, looks good!! Don’t hesitate to ask me for help if you need it guys! I’m with you ;) big kiss from the Netherlands!