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Cocobello temporary showroom studio

Architect Haimerl, Peter | Structural Engineer a.k.a. Ingenieure

The Cocobello is a temporary structure that can be used as a showroom, workplace, press cabin or artist’s studio. On the upper level is a bright showcase-like space that can be plugged into existing communications networks. The underlying urban concept is to locate a number of units of this kind in the city to form a network of spaces and establish a field of tension with the permanent buildings. Sanitary and cooking facilities and a store canbe installed on the lower level when the Cocobello is used as a studio.

The structure consists of three interlocking elements that can be drawn apart horizontally and vertically. It is transported as a compact container on an articulated lorry. Integrated hoisting gear allows it to be loaded and unloaded without additional lifting equipment. The only other elements required are four steel tubes on which the container is raised while the lorry is driven in or out beneath it. Using the same inbuilt hoisting gear, the container can be transformed into a 42m2 unit within an hour.

After the side elements have been extended outwards, the outer box can be raised into position. An extendable staircase balustrade is hung in place and the Cocobello is fully functioning. Larger models proposed for the future would have an outer skin of CFRP elements to reduce the weight, and the motor drive would be replaced with a more economical hydraulic system.

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