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Pop-up Store Uniqlo

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Pictures show pop-up stores from Japanese retailer Uniqlo

The setup is small and pretty efficient. The blue exterior has a few logos and strip windows cut into it. There is an external generator that powers the interior lighting and cash register. The door and ramp fold on hydraulic struts. Our eagle eyes noticed something else near the bottom of one of the corners. It’s was a label crediting Lot-EK as the designers. Their web site has a series of photos and project details listed.

The interior of the container is lined with laminated cubes which contain folded apparel. The selection seemed to be more basics driven. As most New Yorkers know, summertime street fairs occur on nearly every street at some point from spring to fall. The container store is well suited for this use.

Text from: http://www.psfk.com/2006/09/site_visit_uniq.html
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