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Global Peace Container


Pictures on top show process of construction of a project realised in Jamaica by Global Peace Container (GPC)
Global Peace Containers International has been established in an effort to create sustainable, low-cost alternatives to traditional construction methods. Their intention is to employ and train community members in becoming fluent with the various components and construction of such projects. Their first working model is a primary school built in Cross Keys, Jamaica during the months of August and September 2000. The construction team was lead by Professor Dick Martin, Russell Jackson, and Charles Petrakopoulos, all who had previously worked on concepts and designs while at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Mission Statement of GPC

To provide the organization and process to respond properly to situations where there are clearly established needs for low-cost, buildings. To instruct and empower the people to undertake the conversion of international shipping containers to meet those needs, and in so doing, develop their own capacities to help themselves in times of emergency and improve their economic condition.


Global Peace Containers has projects in Jamaica, in Haiti and in Liberia. See also official website of Global Peace Containers for further information.

[Text and images from Global Container Partnership and Archinect]

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