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Futur Shack House

A mass produced relocatable house for emergency and relief housing. Recycled shipping containers are used to form the main volume of the building. A parasol roof packs inside the container. When erected, the roof shades the container and reduces heat load on the building. Legs telescope from the container enabling it to sited without excavation on uneven terrain.

This house has applications for a variety of needs – post flood, fire, earthquake or similar natural disasters, temporary housing, third world housing, remote housing and so on. The universal nature of the container means that the houses can be stockpiled and easily transported throughout the world. The Future Shack can be fully erected in 24 hours.

As architects in stable democracies our responsibilities are reasonably clear cut. Our role in those societies where freedom has been ripped away by force, or where nature has devastated whole cities, or when generations of minority groups have been forced into a life of poverty because of a political philosophy, is hazy by comparison. The need ‘to house’, born out of the adversity of war offers for architects the opportunity to provide shelter for fellow human beings in need.

Text et Image from : http://www.seangodsell.com/future-shack