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Desalination Container

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HOH-USA & Carib Ltd is an international manufacturing company of  containerized energy efficient  reverse osmosis seawater desalination  plants  with  individual unit capacities of more than 1,000m³/day depending on feed water salinity and feed water temperature.

The Container Concept takes the expenses & mystery out of seawater desalination and brings it down-to-earth. By making pre-designed module sized plants, fully assembled in ordinary 20-foot and 40-foot sea-containers and install them right where the potable water is  needed.

The container is ready to produce high-quality potable water within  days of delivery. All the clients have to do is to arrange for Seawater and Electricity,  and a place to unload the container(s). “The Container Concept” makes potable water production easy to handle, affordable and accessible anywhere on the globe.

[Image and text from HOH-USA & Carib Ltd]