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Futur Shack House

A mass produced relocatable house for emergency and relief housing. Recycled shipping containers are used to form the main volume of the building. A parasol roof packs inside the container. When erected, the roof shades the container and reduces heat load on the building. Legs … Read More


Resto MuvBox

A BOX THAT MOVES Hard to believe but when it opens-up in under a minute and transforms into a restaurant, you’ll believe it. It’s called MUVBOX because it can be moved. Since it is not set permanently in the ground, there is no need for … Read More


Push Button House

Illy collaborated with artist/architect Adam Kalkin to create a dramatic work of living art – the illy Push Button House, a five-room home with a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room and library constructed within a standard industrial shipping container.  The home, which transforms at … Read More


Desalination Container

HOH-USA & Carib Ltd is an international manufacturing company of  containerized energy efficient  reverse osmosis seawater desalination  plants  with  individual unit capacities of more than 1,000m³/day depending on feed water salinity and feed water temperature. The Container Concept takes the expenses & mystery out of … Read More


Containers to clinics – C2C

Containers2Clinics (C2C) is a charitable organisation that plans to turn old shipping containers into mobile fully equipped clinics.They can then be shipped to countries that lack adequate healthcare facilities.  Elizabeth Sheehan, the Executive Director of C2C, recently announced a partnership with Anshen & Allen, an … Read More