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Pop-Up Night Clubs

Niche marketing has been around for many years, but recently new social technologies, green marketing, and economic conditions have contributed to novel marketing and branding. Singapore has a total population 4,839.4, and is known for its governments orderly management style of  its country, although that hasn’t stopped innovation in the private sector. Venue VBOX, a Singapore company has designed shipping containers that can be used as a portable, modular pop-up night club.

The “Night Spot”, is constructed from shipping containers capable of opening to three times its original size. The container system holds 500 people. Electricity, audio-visual and hospitality equipment are also part of Aqua’s design feature. The company is also willing to create a system for almost any geographic location. Singapore has a high energy population, and a waterfront not unlike many other large cities globally, this concept should also work well in other locations.

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