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Skateboard Exhibition Container

The exhibition “Skating the City” took place at the “Domplatte” in Cologne/ Germany during the “Plan09” from 25th of September until 2nd of October 2009 in order to keep skateboarding at the legendary Domplatte alive…

Dom Skateboarding e.V and Metrobox Architekten showed a set of photos, made by different skateboard photographers, from the last 25 years of skating the “Domplatte” and presented their concept for a new skatepark, which would be the alternative solution for skateboarding in Cologne in case the municipality decides to close down the “Domplatte” for skateboarding.

The exhibition booth, a big overseas-container decorated from the outside with used skateboards, was placed at the “Roncalli-Platz” to give a space to inform people about the background and the threatening development of the issue of dispute.

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[Via Carhartt Streetwear]